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When Marshal McLuhan came up with the concept of a globalised world, he was talking about the fact that people are no longer confined to their own corner space in their locality but socialise and interact across city or national boundaries. Man by nature is a social being and is bound to transverse his or her immediate environment in the pursuit of happiness and fulfilling his basic needs. However, as people travel, one basic challenge is the means of communication. Language barrier sometimes makes it difficult for people to relate effectively in another environment, hence IELTS is meant to help improve one’s English proficiency for interactions, academics and work purpose. The IELTS is an acronym for the International English Language Testing System and it is usually part of the requirements for individuals to either study, work and migrate to native English countries. With about 10,000 organizations and academic institutions requiring this English testing course it is a must for prospective immigrants. It is one of the most popular English language proficiency test required and with over two million participants even in 2016 examinations only. Within a space of less than three hours, candidates are assessed on their abilities in speaking, reading, listening and writing in the English language for the Academic or General Training purposes.
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